🧰 #164: User acquisition techniques, 558 Customizable SVGs, Expert Notion pages and more

Direct Sales for your first 10 customers

Direct Sales

One of the things that hardly gets a mention in the tech space is how much getting your first 10 customers should be through direct sales. Reading a lot of blogs on tech could lead you thinking about growth hacks or clever marketing.

I’m here to tell you to try this instead.

Start selling value consistently

The Indie Hackers of the Internet are prolific doing things like answering questions on Quora, dropping high-quality posts on Reddit or getting a boost on Twitter through Twitter threads. Pound the flesh and get on the phone. You’re not learning anything about your audiences or how effective your marketing is till you start.

It’s about consistency, experimentation and exploration.


💡 Good to know

  • Capital Enterprise is providing 6 months of support to help people through this uncertainty period with accountability circles run by experts. You can grab a free ticket to join me for an hour sharing how to kickstart and validate an idea in 2 months on a shoestring budget. Grab one now

  • Check out this one-page builder built by devs in Nigeria 🇳🇬 . See an example of how a podcaster used it

  • Facebook Elevate is an arm of Facebook helping black and brown businesses and they are offering mentorship. Apply here (5 mins)

  • In June 2020, an artificial intelligence research laboratory based in San Francisco, launched the beta programme of GTP-3, the most powerful AI language model ever released to the public. Predictions include A design assistant, A Smarter secretary, A translation tool. Link

  • What trends did Google pick up during the pandemic? Link

  • Veed.io’s story about user acquisition with some slick things they did to boost organic search (remember Google still drives most organic), optimizing different landing pages, responding on Quora. Link

  • Level up your presentation skills. Link

  • Come for the tool, stay for the network. A strategy marketplaces should try. Link

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🛠️ Low-Code Tools

  • This is a Notion page built by heavy users and big fans of Notion and inspiration for what your setup could look like. Link

  • 558 Fully customizable free SVG icons. (MIT license). Link

  • No-Code is Eating the World. Link

  • SendFox now allows newsletter writers to give readers unique links to unlock cool stuff. Link

  • Free and open-source video editor. Link

  • Marketing as a service. Link

  • SparkLoop has built-in referral programmes too. Link

  • Really good colour palette generator built-in Webflow. Link

  • Message customers that come to your website. It’s got a Free tier too. Link

Ain’t nobody breaking down how to build great products with a focus on getting paying customers and sharing new no-code tools.

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