🧰 #165 Testing Product Pricing, Digital Marketing Strategy with YSYS, Learn an African language 🚀 and a homemade food market place built without code

How do you test product pricing on a product you have not released yet?

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Testing Product Pricing

How do you test product pricing on a product you have not released yet?

Ask during user interviews.  There are a few ways that you can ask this question to avoid anchoring issues or positioning issues.

Focus on the problem and what that's worth to your prospective buyer.

If I can solve x for you, how much is this worth to your business?

You will likely get a wide spread of numbers, and then it's your job to work your way through that and find the sweet spot. You'll also need to decide where you are within the broader market, what is your break-even, and what's your potential market size.

  • 5 users @ $1,000 = $5,000 MRR

  • 500 user @ $10 == $5,000 MRR too

I’ve always loved this classic article about 5 ways to build a $100 million business.


💡Good to Know

  • Digital Marketing Strategy video with YSYS. Link

  • Want to learn an African language? Lingua54 just did the publish launch. Link

  • A really good breakdown of how independent workers, freelancers and content creators are using their skill and knowledge to thrive in the absence of a traditional employer-employee relationship. Link

  • The art of making presentations stick - you’ll need this if you’re on panels or doing speaking engagements. Link


  • Looking forward to kicking off supporting the London Startup ecosystem over the next 6 months with this introductory event hosted by Capital Enterprise. Join me to learn the real practical stuff on how to kickstart and validate your idea in only 2 months and you can also ask me any question you like. Link

  • Crowdfunding platform for Black Founders. Think Kickstarter/IndieGoGo but exclusively for black founders. Link

  • Olly Meakings drops some great recommendations. Link

  • Investor, Pietro Invernizzi (ex-The Family) recently shared the “Future of Work” ecosystem (the way he sees it) which includes Independent, Private, Venture-Backed companies. Link

  • UX/UI designer Ofure recorded this video of her designing - love it. Link

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🛠️ Low-Code Tools

  • My friend built this marketplace to discover the most creative and delicious homemade dishes from London's most popular upcoming chefs - writing a single line of code! He used spreadsimple. Link

  • An app for a company that provides warehouse services and needs a dock booking app for clients, one which would include different, pre-defined booking durations and prevent conflicts (built with Glide). Link

  • No code inspo. Link

Ain’t nobody breaking down how to build great products with a focus on getting paying customers and sharing new no-code tools.

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