🧰 166#: Roc Nation created a school, Chamillionaire invested in 40 startups

Grow your user base and your customer base grows as well

Users are different from your Buyers

Users are the engine for growing a customer base and knowing the difference between the two leads to more sales!

There are different objectives and different research tactics for users and customers.

In B2B, it's easier to identify persona's because you can start with their job title. For startups, part of the learning is to identify the different target customers; large companies tend to have groups of different people or committees whereas small companies can have one person wearing multiple hats.


Photo Credit: Tajh Rust


💡Good to Know

  • Roc Nation teamed up with a Uni to created Roc Nation School of Music, Sports and Entertainment. Link

  • A collection of resources for underrepresented people in tech. Link

  • Fresh ideas on how to do conversational marketing. Link

  • Checkout this Chamillionaire Interview where he is dropping wisdom on the tech world and how he has invested in more than 40 companies incl Lyft, Ring and more. Link


🛠️ Low-Code Tools

  • One girl who built an online website where you can buy or sell school uniform or other children’s clothing using ShareTribe. They can’t code - built-in 2 hours. Link

  • CEO of AirDev, Vladimir Leytus, demonstrated what #nocode could do by hacking together a fully functional web app he named Not Real Twitter. Link

  • Reddit for SaaS marketing. Link

  • Upwork for SaaS marketing. Link