🧰 167#: Build-in public philosophy, 100+ No Code Resources, Warner Music Group trying to buy culture rather than create it

Create a shared understanding when working on something amazing

Create a shared understanding

A shared understanding is when you know what the other person is thinking - and why.

Whether you work with freelancers on Upwork or Designers through Twitter recommendations, at some point you’ll need to make sure that you are on the same page.

I’ve seen 5-page requirements documents and unless there is a shared understanding there will always be a lack of communication. So stop trying to write the perfect document, create a shared understanding and ask clarifying questions to reduce the uncertainty.

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💡Good to Know

  • BBC published a piece giving some exposure to black women who code. It’s nice to see some new faces. Link

  • Interesting Twitter thread by Peter Levels talking about what bootstrapped founders should be working towards making before they sell their business. Link

  • Check out this community for Content Marketers. Link

  • For anyone who has heard about this “Building in Public” philosophy. Link

  • Want to build in an accelerator focussed on Women only?Link

  • Warner Music Group did their biggest acquisition of the year on a company known for making memes to influence culture. Link

  • Someone made a small copy change to email subscribe box said and showed us their great results. Link


🛠️ Low-Code Tools

  • 100 No Code resources organised on a Trello Board. Link

  • A marketplace to buy and sell gold. Using ShareTribe. Link

Ain’t nobody breaking down how to build great products with a focus on getting paying customers and sharing new no-code tools.

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