🧰 168#: Get your first paying customers on the internet

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Get your first paying customers on the internet

I have just launched my eBook: Get your first paying customers on the internet 🚀

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💡Good to Know

  • Great discussion about how to get thousands of users for free using a technique called “audience avalanche” in FB Groups. Post your pitch, instead of linking it out, ask would anyone be interested in this and you’ll get tons of “Yes” which FB algorithm boosts it more. Link

  • Not confident in your business plan, get expert help. Link

  • Dave Peterson of AirTables shares his insight about the need for a “no code” operations role. Link

  • Minimal GA script that loads faster in the background and analysis IP address. Link

  • The UK Government is providing business grants where they will match any funding they can raise for investment from investors. Link

  • For anyone who wants a newsletter going in on communities. Link

🛠️ Low-Code Tools

  • 100 No Code resources organised on a Trello Board. Link

  • How to create a fully functional app. Link

  • A marketplace to buy and sell gold. Using ShareTribeLink

  • Good microcopy is one of the fastest ways to improve an interface - try it. Link