🧰 170#: Scaling too quickly, unbundling of Reddit, Whatsapp on your website, Bubble templates

Look for demonstrated demand

Look for demonstrated demand

What’s better, building an audience, building a brand?

Julian, Co-Founder of Transistor.fm was talking about all the intentional ways to build new businesses and one spoke about looking for “demonstrated demand”.

Demonstrated demand is every time I wake up, go the coffee shop, there is a line up outside

The next time you speak to your target audience, ask them what subscriptions or services they currently pay for and use Google Trends and Exploding topics to see the growing market that you can tap into

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💡Good to Know

  • BYP’s annual leadership conference is coming up in October. Link

  • YSYS and CreateJobs are delivering a 6-week design course for breaking into digital product design. Link

  • Online network where students worldwide can ask and answer questions related to schoolwork, earning points for being active on the site.. Link

  • Steve Blank gives us his take on what happens when a company scales sales and marketing too quickly. Link

  • Great discussion this week about whether you should build an audience, which led me to a great discussion about looking for “demonstrated demand”. Google Trends is great for this. Link

  • Y-Combinator video on finding Product-Market-Fit. Link

  • Great discussion on the unbundling of Reddit. Link


🛠️ Low-Code Tools

  • Building something for the enterprise that should have good security? Check out this great discussion about Mendix and Outsystems. Link

  • Get Whatsapp Chat on your website (thanks Tayo!). Link

  • If you’re heavy on PDFs, this is a great tool. Link

  • More bubble templates. Link


  • I really enjoyed writing this issue, especially breaking down existing alternatives. I feel like this will help you build business models that solve critical problems rather than long term solutions that your target audience don’t see for themselves today.

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