🧰 171: Charlamagne launches a black podcast network, Getting your first 100 customers with £0 marketing, Pitch to a team of accountants

Test your solution with your target customers

Building an app? Test your solution with your target customers

  1. Make sure you’re talking to someone who wants to be successful and has experienced the problem you are trying to solve

  2. Don’t overthink it (1 person is better than none)

  3. Do Customer interviews - Zoom or Face to face and understand qualitatively who they are

    The Test

    • Write down your guess up front as to how it will go

    • Get someone to use your product/service in front of you

    • Encourage them to give you honest and open feedback

    • Ask them to perform a task (you, the Founder are not allowed to touch the phone/keyboard)


    • Watch in extreme agony as they struggle to figure it out

    Photo Credit: MAlier


💡Good to Know

  • How do you build a company culture remotely? Link

  • Charlamagne Tha God, launches Black Effect Podcast Network With iHeartMedia, the people who also own Power. Great deal with his distributor. Link

  • Sony Music is slyly getting into Podcasting. Link

  • You have been hired to a job you’re not sure you’re qualified for. How should you move? Link

  • Co-work virtually with a random stranger in 1hour time slots (great for accountability). Link

  • An interesting discussion where Nathan Barry, Founder of Converkit talks about what it takes to build a billion-dollar business on the internet. Link

  • Getting your first 100 customers - start with £0 marketing and learn to build your customer base with scrappy tactics. Link

  • An opportunity to pitch and have your business plan reviewed by a team of accountants (deadline of 23rd of September). Link

  • Google has a bunch of interesting sounding training on how to boost your product using their tools. Link

  • Curated resources on launching. Link


🛠️ Low-Code Tools

  • Building something for the enterprise that should have good security? Check out this great discussion about Mendix and Outsystems. Link

  • Building a mobile app using AppGyver? Check out this Udemy course, Firebase meets AppGyver. Link