🧰 172: #100DaysOfNoCode, Alternative to Medium, How to Launch on Product Hunt and more

Building A Habit Forming Product

Building A Habit-Forming Product

Creating a habit-forming product are the techniques used by companies such as Facebook with the infinite scroll and the like button that trigger our happy chemicals.

The recently released Social Dilemma on Netflix shares some of the tricks used by early Engineers from Silicon Valley’s tech companies and the former Director of Monetization at Facebook.

For anyone building a mobile app or marketplace, the biggest battle is getting people to use it after the first time.

Photo Credit: osun_film (Orisha Oşun, The goddess of maternity, love, and Sensuality.)

💡Good to Know

  • I recently started the #100DaysOfNoCode challenge and wrote about what it means to me. Link

  • I have decided to move my personal site from Webflow over to Versoly (quick site) + Ghost (blogging platform) because I like John O’Nolan’s mission. Ghost is a Non-for-profit solving the problem of writing and publishing on the internet and recently introduced Memberships. It is a well thought out product. I am playing with Versoly to see how quick I can build with it.

  • Blogging for developers. Link

  • Daniel Vassallo who is a prolific content creator and has 45.3K followers on Twitter breaks down how he made $210,822 selling a pdf and a video on the internet. Link

  • Retention is extremely hard, but reducing churn might be the thing you need to protect your overheads to give you enough runway for growth. Link

  • What is Product Hunt? And how do you launch on it? Link

  • Sell memberships to your audience. Link

  • The phrase "digital garden" is a metaphor for thinking about writing and creating that focuses less on the resulting "showpiece" and more on the process, care, and craft it takes to get there. Link


🛠️ Low-Code Tools

  • Googles’ in-house incubator, Area 120 has launched a tool to improve your workflow with CRM, Pipe Management and more. It feels very much no-code in the sense that you can do cool things like sending email reminders and other cool things that Zapier would do as the logic layer. AirTable killer? They are definitely taking a bite Link