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Human Behaviour is more important than demographics

Human Behaviour is more important than demographics

On paper if you were targeting by age, marital status, interests you’ll be missing out on the fact that they each have different behaviours.

Next time you speak to your target audience, ask ‘Why’

Connected Customers are Invisible to Those Who Value Demographics - Brian  Solis

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  • Stephen Chapendama shares his experience on how to get into Cybersecurity. Link

  • Michele Canzi, Operator at Uber, angel investor shares his bets on what will happen when super fans fund creators and how valuable communities are so important he is betting that fans will value social tokens to get the badge of a super fan. Link

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  • If you think Clubhouse is cool, wait till you see what Twitter Spaces is sitting on. Link

  • Pitch deck templates. Link

  • Justin Jackson shares his thoughts about the size of your market, unit economics and prices. Link


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