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Go / No-Go decisions

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Go / No-Go decisions

The quickest way to know if you should invest more time and resources into an idea is to define a success metric up-front and time-box it.

  1. Speak to your target research group and discount them if they take your product (make them part of your “founding members group” and they will shape the product

  2. Define a metric that show’s people are getting use out of your product e.g. if it’s a booking system, the # number of people that make a booking, or if it’s a directory, the # of people that make an action to reveal the call/email info on a listing

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💡Good to Know

  • I’m hosting a room on Clubhouse discussing the realities of side hustling this Thursday 28th Jan at 8pm GMT, join us. Link

  • 7 companies in the tech space that were founded by women of colour. Link

  • Looks like Forbes doesn’t want to lose writers to Substack and is willing to pay writers with big followings to write for them. Link

  • Denzel Walters shares his 9 steps to start Angel Investing right now. Link

  • Stephen Chapendama gives us an insight into how African Governments are reportedly blocking access to social media and messaging apps around election. There’s a lot of talk about this with Trump and whether platforms like FB and Twitter or even ISP’s should censor free speech but this smells of political incentives. Link

  • YSYS is hiring a Head of Operations. Link

  • Gosbert Chagula shares his 2021: Resources for Startups & SMEs. Link

  • Listen to developers share their insider knowledge on the technical challenges facing their teams, and what they're building. Link

  • App Annie reports that for the first time users are spending more time on TikTok than Facebook as per data from a new report on app usage. Link


🛠️ Low-Code Tools

  • Simple alternative and focussed blogging alternative if you want to own your posts rather than Medium. Link

  • Stop sweating sales tax. Link

  • Checkout this platform for community building. Link

  • What do you think about the idea of AI doing your copywriting? Link

  • Email digest of everything on Slack that you might have missed. Link

  • Slicker Lorem ipsum generator. Link

  • Privacy policy generator. Link

  • A list of 7,144 emails showing off both design and code. Link

  • Create and schedule Instagram Stories comfortably from your desktop PC. Link