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Measure only important events

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Measure only important events

All that matters is that you track the ideal actions that you want a user to take when they are using your product or service.


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If all you did was this, then you’ll have the blues clues that give you an idea of where people drop off in the customer journey

There are a bunch of tools out there. Amplitude has a generous free plan. If you’re SaaS business connect it with Baremetrics if you're using Stripe - Which is also free for under $2,500MRR 


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💡Good to Know

  • Free Bubble plugin that shows customised simple alert notifications that are responsive to your screensize too. Link

  • Startup Mentors for Growth-Addicted Founders & Marketers. Link

  • Another way to connect with tech start-ups who prefer to be DM’ed. Link

  • Amazing explanation of what happened this with Game Stock, Robinhood and Hedge Funds. Link

  • Opportunity for 18-29 year olds who wants to do 12 weeks FREE training in cloud computing which could lead to getting a job afterwards. Link

  • 66 B2B SaaS marketplaces with opportunities for Indie Hackers. Link


🛠️ Low-Code Tools

  • Bring more people to your Zoom event with this beautiful event page. Link

  • Cheap alternative to GA. Link

  • Open source, alternative to Google Analytics. Link

  • Upload your design or live URL and share your link to receive visual feedback. Link

  • A bunch of validation tools. Link