🧰 191: Nike dropping grant for black non-profit orgs, 150+ marketing predictions, Embed video chat on your app without code and more

Don’t look at data in isolation, ask for context

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Don’t look at data in isolation, ask for context

Funny thing happened this week.

We are looking at ways to scale the company whilst reducing our unit cost to serve.

I love my team to be autonomous but as always wanted to create a shared understanding. This highlighted the fact that even though at surface level we were looking at the right number, some numbers were impacting others so it was great to get context.

A lesson on why when you see something funny in Google Analytics, Amplitude or your favourite analytics tool, you should find out why people are dropping off in that part of the journey or whatever you want to question.

Photo Credit: @C H U C K. S T Y L E S

💡Good to Know

  • Nike launched the Black Community Commitment London. A community grant initiative (£5K - £20K) for non-profit organisations working to create more equitable spaces, experiences and lasting change for the Black community in London. Link

  • For podcasters or those thinking about podcasting, Justin Jackson of Transistor shares his predictions. Link

  • 150+ marketers share their marketing predictions for 2021. Link

  • Here’s 5 x Free tickets to the Festival of UX & Design to share. Link

  • FounderVine is in hiring mode looking for people in Marketing and a Programme Manager. Link

  • A Kenyan startup called Mdundo is an ad-supported download service - even though Spotify/Apple Music and the major labels are bullish on African’s music potential, music piracy and the cost of music streaming makes data plans expensive. Link


🛠️ Low-Code Tools

  • Processica are building an automation tool (think Zapier for Enterprise) and is designed to work well with Office 365 ad Microsoft. Link

  • Internal, an app builder so that more people can create without having to write SQL. Link

  • Quickly embed video chat into your app (has one click integration with Squarespace and Shopify). Link