🧰 193: Fund investing in the passion economy, Turn audio into video, Black communities and more

Start with a Flow Diagram

Start with a Flow Diagram

Building software is complex, especially if you’re not used to thinking about things like inputs, outputs, authentication, and decision trees.

One thing that will help you working with developer is creating a flow diagram - someone as simple as this 👇

My favourite free tool for this is Draw.io


Photo Credit: @delmainedonson_art

💡Good to Know

  • Li Jin of A16Z has just launched a $13M fund to invest in the passion economy. I believe we’ll be seeing more of this. Link

  • Raphael Sofoluke Founder of UK Black Business Show shares his plans to expand it into Black Business Week. Link

  • What are some of the best tactics to use as a speaker? Link

  • Professor of media, culture, and communications at NYU shares how black communities have shaped the internet. Link

  • UpEffect is offering scholarships for socially responsible businesses. Link

  • Michael Seibel of Y Combinator shares how to get your first ten customers. Link

  • Ben Thomson shares his thoughts about how the internet made everyone a publisher (democratised it). Consumers can, by raising their hand and being recognised by the moderator, become creators in a matter of seconds and whilst most conversations will be terrible, it’s up to Clubhouse to hone its algorithm so that every time a listener opens the app they are presented with a conversation that is interesting to them. Link

  • Backstage capital (who invest in black, LGBTQ+, woman) raised fastest $1M equity round on Republic - it’s sold out now but you can read more about their story. Link

  • BYP are running a digital summit event to glean industry insights from thought leaders and senior tech professionals on topics such as AI, Ethics and Levelling the playing field. Link

  • Software developer shares his experience of treating companies like experiments. Link

  • Shopify  has connected its payment system to Facebook and Instagram, allowing Instagram shops built on Shopify to do a one-tap purchase. More distribution for e-Commerce businesses. Link


🛠️ Low-Code Tools

  • Record Podcasts And Video Interviews From Anywhere. Link

  • Get paid by the year, charge by the month. Link

  • Create your own AI video as easy as writing an email. Link

  • Write outbound emails in seconds. Link

  • Turn audio into amazing video. Link

  • MailChimp for videos. Link

  • Craft your Tweethreads. Link

  • Copywriting tool that generates marketing copy in seconds. Link