🧰 194: What are the best uses of TikTok for startups, STEM Classes for your kids on your schedule and more

Add 'why' to your written communication

Add 'why' to your written communication

When you want to create a winning team that can build autonomously you need to get better at not asking what they are building but why.

Quick tip: When you describe the expected behaviour of your feature, add context - add why.

When someone signs up, send them a welcome message, so that they know how to get started and who to contact when they need support

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💡Good to Know

  • A great example of black entrepreneurs providing solutions that black professionals face. R3 creates sophisticated background check algorithms to ensure those with criminal pasts are not excluded from opportunities. Link

  • A black-owned app backed by Dr. Angela Jackson that streams live STEM classes to students around the world. Link

  • Some actionable tips you could build on now to position your brand. Link

  • Support Mama Dolce: free-from range. Link

  • A UK communications consultancy is directing up to $1 million in pro bono brand, marketing, and public relations services for Founders creating products/services that benefit minority communities.. Link

  • Li Jin, who I told you about last Sunday as someone investing in the passion economy answers the question - What are the best uses of TikTok for startups? Link

🛠️ Low-Code Tools

  • Simple, cost-effective, light-weight CRM (designed Gmail). Link