🧰 196: 11 Mother's Day tracks, Indie.VC shutting down and

Make the necessary tradeoffs

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Make the necessary tradeoffs

I'm yet to find a Founder/CEO who doesn't want more things done every time they get the opportunity to ask for what they want.

Human beings have a poor track record at estimating; and for the PM's, Tech Leads, etc that have to are asked to deliver, it's fun telling them they are not going to get everything they asked for 🙃

This is why Direction > Speed.

Here's some good questions to ask yourself/the business:

1. Does it fit the vision?
2. Is reward > effort?
3. Does it benefit all our customers?
4. Will it grow the business?
5. Will it matter in 5 years?
6. Is this a forward step?
7. Will it generate new engagement?
8. If it succeeds, can we support it?

Photo Credit: @artbyalyah

💡Good to Know

  • Happy Mother’s Day. Here’s 11 Grimey tracks for ya. Link

  • Indie.VC announced that it is shutting down as it didn’t have the institutional support they needed to scale. They started out as an experiment to fund independent startups that had could scale. They funded 40 companies including the Shade Room. Link

  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with marketing, lot’s of little experiments is the only way to make big discoveries. Embrace the small losses. Link

  • Last week to apply for the Black Founders Fund by Google. Link

  • One Tech x Foundervine are running a 6 week pre-accelerator to help you scale your business. Link

  • PM at Facebook reminds people that speed can be an advantage. This reminds me of a case study I did on Spotify where they optimised for speed. They wanted the music to feel like it already started playing before you hit play. Link

  • Learn Yoruba with a passionate teacher. Link

  • Twitter seems to have woken up after sleeping for a decade and has been building a lot of new things into its product: there’s Twitter Spaces, which is a live audio feature very similar to Clubhouse app (but they are soon going to enable users to save their chats). There are Twitter Fleets, which looks like Snap and Instagram Stories. Twitter just acquired Revue, which is a newsletter product similar to Substack. And they also confirmed that they are testing out e-commerce features on cards. Link


🛠️ Low-Code Tools

  • Whaleform - Build a web app with a spreadsheet. Link