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Whiteboarding in a Remote World

Whiteboarding in a Remote World

I love whiteboarding, especially because you don’t have to go into your back, pull out a notebook, find your pen and alla dat. You can literally just walk up to a whiteboard, grab the pen and scribble away.

The good thing is when you’re single player mode, that white shapeless board can be a lifesaver but loses all utility for collaboration.

On the flip side, the writing experience is not as good as physical because a mouse/touchpad is not ideal to physically write words, but an Apple Pencil is better than nothing.

The good thing is a lot of whiteboarding is structure and frameworks. 

Here’s my top 5 recommended tools


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🛠️ Low-Code Tools

  • Build a transcribing app without stress. Link

  • Meeting scheduling software. Link

  • Online Bookkeeping Services for Your Small Business. Link

  • Checkout this onboarding checklist for those of you that are forgetful. Link