🧰 200: Free Carrd templates, Create your own Swipe Left/Right feature with Glide, How Stripe validates their product ideas and more

Top tools used by Bootstrappers

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Top tools used by Bootstrappers

These are the top tools I know that are used by smart founders who want to build things that would typically require an Engineer


💡Good to Know

  • Heard about the concept of 1,000 true fans? Link

  • Peter Levels of the serial maker who created the Nomad list and wrote MAKE shares his experiment to test if visitors are interested in buying a course. Link

  • Melanin Medics the UK registered charity that aims to implement positive solutions for doctors and medical students of black African and Caribbean heritage is raising a fund so that support can be delivered by BAME psychology professionals. Link

  • Learn how to build Carrd websites ($99). Link

  • Multi-platinum and respected artist whose message was about triumph over struggle sadly passed away on Friday. Link

  • How Stripe validates ideas for new products. Link

  • Meet Cofounders and swipe left/right based on their bio/interests or whatever you deem “right” for you two to match and start a conversation. Link


🛠️ Low-Code Tools

  • Checkout the Hive Index to find your community and see how big it is, what features it has and what platform it’s on. Link

  • Grow your email list through viral giveaways. Link

  • Easily create Tinder-esque swipe left/swipe right feature this Glides Swipe Layout feature. Link

This is my 200th issue of the Offbeat View. Who would have known that almost 4 years ago I would have continued to help people learn how to build great products and still be sharing helpful tools.

I really appreciate you reading this regularly and I continue to curate this every week and I do enjoy it. If you know at least 1 person who would also enjoy it, please share it. Word of mouth is still the best form of marketing.

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