🧰 201: Improve your understanding of SEO, go-to-market framework and a tool to charge subscriptions for communities


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SEO is going to be a big part of my growth strategy this year. I’ve enjoyed writing blogs for years and more recently I’ve appreciated the compound benefits of it - when you’re clear about the audience you want to serve it can be great.

SEO is “Free”, Measurable and Scalable - who wouldn’t want that?

Paid Ads great for learning about your audience quickly for a time-boxed and budgeted experiment but if your product is less than £10 then it’s not affordable and it’s unlikely you’ll succeed with FB/IG ads.

*We say “Free” because you don’t pay more as performance scales


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💡Good to Know

  • SEO for Two-Sided Marketplaces. Link

  • Recommended $100 course on SEO by Steph Smith. Steph has a great way of demystifying SEO and explaining how to produce/write content to best serve both humans and the machine. Most of the others tend to be focused on technicalities, but not so much on delivering real value to users so this gets my vote. Link

  • 14 handpicked SEO links to courses and content. Link

  • Heard about the concept of 1,000 true fans? Link

  • A framework for a go-to-market strategy. Link


🛠️ Low-Code Tools

  • Build web apps lightning fast. Link

  • Create a single scheduling link that takes into account all of your calendars. Link

  • Smart calendar assistant. Link

  • Really cool tool for building communities, without having to hire a developer! Link

  • Import data from your favourite tool into AirTable using their API. Link


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