🧰 202: Growth and UX tips in a comic format, Drake invests in a sports media company, Reddit is launching audio rooms and more

Measure each step in your user journey

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Photo Credit: @Nikkolas Smith


💡Good to Know

  • FounderVine is creating a legal programme to navigate the legal aspects of starting and running a business. Link

  • MD from Y Combinator shares his views on the Coinbase IPO. Link

  • Growth and UX tips in a comic book format. Link

  • Good article that will help you with gathering a more scientific process to discovering and uncovering insights about your business model using design thinking. Link

  • Jeff Bezos, Drake and more invest $80 million in sports media company Overtime. Link

  • Reddit is launching audio rooms. Link

  • Alfie Darko shipped Notion Widgets for your Crypto Research. Link


🛠️ Low-Code Tools

  • Landing page design inspo/templates. Link

  • Email digests of the most retweeted and favourite tweets of your network. Link

  • Make your app a Progressive Web App. Link