🧰 204: Free web scraper, Pricing strategy tips and how to prioritise working and your side hustle

Simple SEO tip

Simple SEO tip

  1. Understand what your target audience is searching for on Google and YouTube

  2. Create comprehensive and actionable content (Written, Audio or Video)

  3. Be consistent

Photo Credit: @marcpadeu

💡Good to Know

  • I published a blog that speaks to my observed differences between Entrepreneurs and Working professionals. Link

  • Book on how to do usability testing. Link

  • 9 Tricks to Experiment with your Pricing Strategy. Link

  • Working a day job and a side-hustle and need a prioritisation framework? Check this out. Link

🛠️ Low-Code Tools

  • Free web scraper that is easy to use. Link

  • Learn how to use AirTable scripts. Link

  • Believe it’s important for your startup to document your software? Try Document360. Link

  • Serve international customers with regional pricing. Link