🧰 206: Twitter's doing it again, Ciara and Russell Wilson helping children invest, Generate automated rejection emails and payment processor alternative to Stripe/Paypal

More on SEO

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More on SEO

Even when you write great content that speaks to the questions that your target segment search for, you still want to make sure there’s enough volume, low competition and see how many backlinks your competitors are using to see the likelihood of you getting on page 1 of Google.

Here’s a really good guide to start from that I love. Link


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💡Good to Know

  • Stripe hasn’t even hit the public markets, but the company started in 2010 by the Collison brothers which acquired Indie Hackers and Paystack is valued at a whopping $95B. Link

  • A good summary of just how many No-Code tools there are out there. Link

  • Ciara and Russell Wilson surprise students with $35,000 savings accounts and investing tips. Link

  • Twitter which has launched Fleets, Spaces, and acquired Revue apparently has a paid premium tier: pay $3/month with a way to delete tweets after you make them and a bookmarking tool. Link

  •  TikTok now lets US users target ads by city. Link


🛠️ Low-Code Tools

  • Need a new payment processor that’s not Stripe/Paypal? Check this out Link

  • Generate automated rejection emails - great for VCs, Angel Investors and Accelerators. Link

  • Online tool for extracting email addresses from text. Link