🧰 208 - ASAP Rocky Invests in Klarna, LinkedIn BizDev Power Tools, Missing black people, Being poor in Tech and more

Build the smallest thing to give you perspective

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Build the smallest thing to give you perspective

I hate the word MVP because so many people use it wrong - I used to as well.

When planning on what an MVP is, you want to see how viable your business model is. Even if you’re going for funding, Angels/VC’s all want you to fail fast rather than burning cash.

It’s easy to fall in love with your idea, but a good MVP allows you to be objective and do 1 of 3 things

  1. Dump the idea

  2. Try something new

  3. Make a big or small change to your business model

Take what you think is minimal, cut it in half. Do that 2 more times ✂️. It only has to be valuable and usable to your ideal customers.

The other thing is, your product only needs to be 80% perfect. You still need to drive traffic and quality traffic for that matter so there are so much other things to consider if you are a solo founder.


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💡Good to Know

  • You’re invited to an event I am hosting this Weds on Getting Starting with Minimal Investment. Link

  • I shared the steps I take to start a new idea from purchasing a domain to creating a landing page. Link

  • Steve Blank shares how when Founders pitch to Investors, and the expectations fit existing markets rather than new markets. Link

  • Got something to share but holding it back for some reason? Need a push? Check this Link

  • These are the 30 hottest black-led companies (from health tech to food and fintech) according to Google's startup team. 0.25 per cent of VC funding going to black-led startups. The Google for Startups Black Founders Fund will provide each business with up to $100,000 in non-dilutive cash awards, meaning founders don’t have to give up any ownership in their company. This only scratches the surface, but it’s a step forward. P.S. I don’t know what to think about lists like this, how are they assessing them? Link

  • A writer from California shares her experience of being poor in tech - very relatable to me at least. Link

  • UK Artist Fekky has founded a laptop library in Lewisham. Link

  • ASAP Rocky invested in Klarna, a Swedish fintech company. He will also curate content on Klarna's app. I keep saying B2B companies should partner with hip-hop artists. Link

  • Buying guides for SaaS tools. Link

  • Dominic Norton has created a directory of missing black people which recently went viral and was featured on BBC, Vice and the Independent. Link


🛠️ Low-Code Tools

  • Grow your email list through giveaways. Link

  • Professional landing page builder. Link

  • Automate your LinkedIn prospecting. Link

  • Another tool to automate your LinkedIn prospecting. Link

  • Generate LinkedIn business opportunities while you sleep. Link

  • LinkedIn automation software and CRM. Link