🧰 209 - 7 Steps to Find a Technical Cofounder, Using comics to communicate UX, No Code AI platform

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Picking a target segment

One simple way to pick a segment is to start with the market problem that you’ve seen and derive about 3 customer segments from it. Then guesstimate how hardcore their usage, market size (£) and growth rate. would be

I know my consultants, MBAs, strategists and the link love this, but without the deep research this is a quick and lightweight way to quickly start with something can quickly be tested.


Photo Credit: @Harmonia

💡Good to Know

  • Looks like there’s a shift as Instagram (Facebook we know it’s you) is becoming more forthcoming about its algorithm. Tik Tok’s algorithm’s been the talk of marketers and advertisers recently, but it’s clear that in the long run people will put more trust when they know how it works. Link

  • Indie Hacker James Fleischmann shares 7 steps to find a Technical co-founder. Link

  • Ovo Energy’s tech team show how they use comics to communicate a user’s experiences. Link


🛠️ Low-Code Tools

  • No Code AI platform called Peltarion. Link

  • Schedule your Instagram content. Link