🧰 213 - Spotify launches Clubhouse competitor, Shopify is giving more revenue to stores, in the beginning, Quickly build API's and more

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Photo Credit: Taina Spicer


💡Good to Know

  • Spotify is doubling down on its mission to allow millions of creatives to make a living doing what they enjoy by launching its live-audio competitor to Clubhouse, Spotify Greenroom where you can music, sports and culture live and have created a fund to incentivise users to create unique content. NB: Tik Tok, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest and Clubhouse all have creator funds. Link

  • Are you looking to break into UX or looking to connect with people in the UX space? Here’s a free ticket to the Festival of UX Design that starts September 20th. Link

  • You can now apply for a job through TikTok. Link

  • Chisos is providing £10K-35K cheques for side hustle/idea-stage founders in exchange for 1-3.5% equity. Link

  • How much equity should I ask for to be the CTO and co-founder of a company with pre-seed funding? Link

  • Shopify wants more of their store owner to keep all of their revenue for their first $1M as on as you sell through Shopify’s app store. Link

  • Struggling to get things done? Might be time to buy this Pomodoro timer for your desk. Link

  • A Twitter directory of Black designers in the industry. Link


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