🧰 214 - Branson beats Musk and Bezos to space, AI powered search, 👀 Webflow killer? and more

Joining startup programmes

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Joining startup programmes

There are many reasons that people join startup programmes and like schools, Y Combinator or any institution, some are better than others.

I joined OnDeck because of the No Code cohort, to be around other builders so that I can learn more about out how best to help non-technical professionals. I’m gonna spend my time building a side project in Bubble - a Job Management board for bootstrapped founders that want to find African talent to work on projects.

Should you do one? It depends on what you’re looking to achieve. Reply to this email if you’re thinking about joining a programme and want to know what I think about it.


Photo Credit: @woleolawuyiart

💡Good to Know

  • Shared my first ever video on Instagram about tech and startups. Link

  • Checkout these bite-sized insights on business development & economics in Ghana - a built-in Bubble! Link

  • Surviving Ideo - top tier black and brown faces are suffering in silence and it doesn’t get the headlines or get spoken about on the public stage. Link


🛠️ Low-Code Tools

  • The AI-powered search you can use with other no-code tools. Link

  • An alternative backend that some people use for Bubble instead of the native one. Link

  • Low-code tool to work with WhatsApp to send messages. Link

  • This is the tool people are calling the Webflow killer. Let’s see. Link

  • Add native commenting to your Ghost blog. Link


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