#157 Design systems for growing teams, What Would My Early Stage All Star Team Would Look Like , Product Analytics and more

Day in, Day out I am guiding teams of Engineers and Designers at scale and this really gives me perspective on how to be efficient and cut out waste when building excellent products. One thing I enjoy about the work I can do outside me 9 - 5, is that I can help diverse teams cut to the chase and save time/money with the minimal things required to position for success.

If i had a team of 3 it would be:

Early Stage:

  • Founder (has domain expertise and can sell into trusted communities and )

  • UX Designer (generalist)

  • Front End engineer that can use low-code backend tools


Design systems and tools

This week at work we started working on Design Systems which have 3 main benefits:

  • Leads to consistency

  • Better communication between designers and developers

  • Faster design process

This introduced me to two tools, Storybook which Frontend developers use to build UI components in isolation and gives them a styleguide to document UI component usage and props.

Brand management software: ZeroHeight

Want to see how consistent your website is? Check this out

👀 Here’s an example of Bulb’s design system

Make it easy to get recording of people trying to complete tasks

Makes it easy to get recording of people trying to complete tasks on a prototype


Amplitude | Product Analytics for Web and Mobile

Free tier is super generous

Understand user behavior and build great experiences to improve customer retention and drive growth with the data analytics tool trusted by over 40,000 digital products.

Baremetrics: Subscription Analytics & Insights for Stripe, Braintree, Recurly & more!

Designed for SaaS

Baremetrics is Subscription Analytics and Insights: One click and you get hundreds of valuable metrics and business insights!


Zeplin—Share designs with developers in mind

Recommended tool to share designs to developers.

Woorks with Sketch, AdobeXD, Figma, Adobe Photoshop and more…

Culture Chat

Monzo discuss putting BLM App Icon and it shook the table 😂

Interesting discussion in the Monzo forum about creating a BLM icon and it was very polarising if you look at the discussion.

  • Does it harm anyone? Nope.

  • Do you have to have it as your icon? Nope.

  • Go for it.

Monzo have the Pride icon but some people tried to make it sound like they were being political

How I tried to build a chatbot named Thulani to manage my investment portfolio

Stephen Chapendam’s been playing with Chatbots. He built a chatbot with a Zulu nickname that made it easy to ask and get a response .

Imagine everytime you chat with the Chatbot, it greets you and immediately asks you stock they are after.

A story about someone trying something new and some tools and resources to help you understand chat ops more