#159 UX Design courses, #BlackPoundDay selling out, Code with other black coders at @codecollab and more

This week I spent hours searching for a new bike but it seems all the good Trek’s & Giant’s have been sold 10 weeks ago 🚴

I moved from Zoho (which is Free) to G-Suite. If you'e looking for a tool to help you stay ontop of your inbox, checkout Leave Me Alone which was recommended to me by Charlie from WeekendClub ✉️

UX Design

Learn UX in 16 Weeks

Peep this guided course to learn UX in 16 weeks

Ashley’s landed multiple roles as a UX Designer at large companies including her current role where she not only put UX practices and structures in place, but works to lead the designers.

UX Brains - Discover content about UX

A curated knowledge collection for all things UX. Discover content about Design, User Research, and more.

Figma - Remove BG Plugin

Figma has this cool remove background plug


Researchers and Founders - Sam Altman

Sam Altman talks about why we should ask ourselves the question:

What are the most important problems in your field, and why aren’t you working on them?”

  • learning to think independently

  • reason about the future

  • have an action bias




Checkout CodeCollabs who are enhance learning opportunities for black people who want to learn to code and network

Story Creator - Social Media Video Editor For Brands & Agencies

Easily Create Videos and Grow Your Brand on Social Media

Story Creator is an easy and powerful social media video editor. Create your first video with subtitles, music, images to video, motion graphic elements, and much more.

Culture Chat

The #blackpoundday movement kicked off by So Solid Crew’s Swiss was a massive success with so many businesses selling out

BYP are crowdfunding, pre-register now to get a piece of the pie

POCIT are being sponsored by Basecamp’s new email service, Hey! 🏁

Ye did it again, and formed a partnership with Yeezy / Gap 👕