#160 Where to start for understanding Wordpress, why Wireframing is next level ish, A List of Job Boards for black talent and more

For my Non-technical Founders, I’m sure you’ve heard of and even used Wordpress, but if you want to learn a tiny bit more about the fundamentals read this. I personally think the blogging section explains the way most of today’s websites are built. Even the new kid on the block Webflow has some of this.

Let me not lie to you, it’s a long read and you might need a coffee 😄

UX Design

If you’ve ever done client work, you’ll know that everything that can go wrong, largely comes down to miscommunication.

One thing I don’t see enough people doing are wireframes and I really don’t see why. They are not an extra activity to not get paid on. They are there to improve communication and also they are faster to iterate on than doing the whole thing again

How to present wireframes to clients. TL;DR (show them inspo before the wirefrmes)

Great run through of low-high fidelity


✉️ Checkout this simple productivity hack for managing your inbox. I really like the simplicity of it:

• Awaiting Response

• Action Required

• Completed

How YouTube Works

Ever wondered how YouTube works?


💪 Checkout this low-code hustle

A Founder from YSYS started speaking to restaurant owners about the future of their business during lockdown.

Checkout this guide built with Glide https://guide.nummyapp.com/

Culture Chat

💼For anyone considering a new role, Lola Adeola is building a new tech job board for black people and asking people to submit her form

Some other resources that champion a diversity of thought for recruiters:

BYP Network

Bright Network


Rare Recruitment

Amos Bursary


Pathway CTM