#162 Amazing growth story, A bunch of low-code tools and Unlocking capital pools for Black Founders

This week gave me I did my first ever video journals. Apparently it’s how you can examine your manner in front of cameras, and since are increasingly becoming more of a video-first, content consumers I thought - hey, why not🤷‍♂️.

UX & Design

This week I did some work on my personal website (not live yet) and got inspo from the colour palette from RefactoringUI

Good to know

How we grew from 0 to 50,000 users (with no marketing budget) 📈

I’ve been following VEED who definitely have found Product Market Fit.

This is a great refresher of the classic post where Sabba shares how he and Tim grew; focussing on both having a great products and the clever things they did to rank highly on Google by going the extramile on technical setup for SEO and Google Indexing. Also a good case study for Ghost

These guys are definitely having fun and have husteld in places such as Quora, Reddit, FB GBroups

What other team will promise you Gary Vee style videos in minutes?

Virtual workshop for London - Wed, 22nd July | codebar.io 👩‍💻

CodeBar are back making it easier to learn to code with their new virtual workshop.

Making tech more diverse and welcoming by bringing people together and helping teach programming skills.

Low-Code Tools

Create a landing page with split testing and conversion tracking in minutes | Hackr

Recommended one-page builder which I am yet to try but looks promising.

STILL, nothing has the value-for-money of Carrd at the moment. But Hackr looks dope if you want a bit more and don’t mind paying $15 per month for it

I mean you can still build something like this in Carrd

Ship better apps with fewer bugs with Waldo | Waldo

This one is for the QA’s out there who want to ensure we are building quality products.

Make beautiful websites under 5 minutes | Softr

The easiest platform for non-tech founders to build websites using building blocks. No code required.

Turns out Amazon has launched a no-code mobile and web app builder | HoneyCode

Introducing Amazon Honeycode.

It uses a spreadsheet view as its core data interface and enables users to manipulate data withing programming.

Turn your spreedsheets into applications | Stacker

Turn your spreedsheets into applications with Stacker

Build and manage your site with Google Sheets | Sheet2Site

Create your own website without writing code using only Google Sheets with pictures, filters and links.

Build and manage your site with Google Sheets (another one) | SpreadSimple

Another Google Sheets to website builder

Feedback is that it is super simple and is limited

Create sites and web apps using Airtable and other no-code tools | Pory

Create websites and web applications using Airtable and other no-code tools. Start with a template and supercharge your workflow using your favourite apps.

Culture Chat

Google for Startups Immersion: Black Founders

A 12-week, skill-building mentorship program for ten high potential Black-founded startups selected from the European (including the UK) and Israeli startup community

Grants and Mentorships to support the creative black community

A new financial grant and mentorships to support the Creative Black Community. Up to £50k:

Mentoring organisation creating online safe spaces from a diverse perspective

Checkout Mentivity; an inspirational mentoring organisation and alternative educational provision that provides aspirational support for young people, schools and parents through 1:1 mentoring and group conversation based learning

Cashflow Management Workbook - £29.99

Are you a startup founder struggling to manage cash flow? We created a workbook so that you can:

  • Track inflows, outflows and capital injections

  • Understand cost centres

  • Compare forecast data vs actual data

  • Project your runway

If you want help in real life, checkout this Masterclass by Serial Investor, Kevin Simmons, which covers the basics of finance required for any entrepreneur.