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I've moved The Offbeat View to Substack. They won!

I have decided to switch to Substack. I was putting it off for a few weeks. Don't procrastinate like me. Start now.
This means, long form content, deeper on topics and loads of cool ways to interact.

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TL;DR Scale-ups can use No-Code too

I started working at So Energy during the lockdown. The core company was generating stable returns and I was brought in to build our online first journey for people to select, and buy Solar panels that would be installed at their home within a few weeks. A whole new business model so the owners of the company have to allocate capital cost-effectively.

The challenge a few months ago was that we needed to build a lead-capture form for the Operations Lead. I thought that having a manual process of using spreadsheets to save leads wasn’t the end of the world as we could still process them but the Operations Lead thought otherwise.

What if we get more customers than expected? You don’t understand James, I need all the information I need in a suitable manner because once leads come in the pressure is on to deliver

The pressure was on. I wanted to give us the best chance of success and even though I could sense we were going to have good conversions with our email campaigns, on the commercial side, I knew we’d have a big issue if we couldn’t process leads efficiently. I had my eye on the bottom line and needed this to work.

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🤔 I remembered that we had been using FormsCarry and was going to use a Zap to a Google Sheet anyway. I connected FormsCarry, Zapier and Trello and everything was sorted.

What’s funny is that I had collaborated on side-hustles using no-code tools but I never thought that I would be using it at a company with 180+ employees.

Turning to no-code solutions allows us to quickly solve our problems with tools that are easy to use and are within our capabilities

So guess what? If you’re working with engineers and designs and feel like you’re running out of time and money then you’re not alone.

Check out this comprehensive guide on how to build & operate an online marketplace using no-code tools & platforms (like Sharetribe, Bubble, Webflow, etc)


💡 Good to know

  • A 10-year-old Nigerian 🇳🇬 girl who lives in the UK has been employed as her after school club coding club teacher to teach basic HTML and CSS

🛠️ Low-Code Tools

  • This is a Notion page built by heavy users and big fans of Notion and inspiration for what your setup could look like

  • 558 Fully customizable free SVG icons. (MIT license)