215 🧰 Legal templates, SaaS pricing calculator, Mobile app builder for marketers and TutorBloc launches on PH

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Photo Credit: @Ludovic Nkoth


💡Good to Know

  • Shared my first ever video on Instagram about tech and startups. Link

  • TutorBloc has relaunched on product hunt. They have a great product, community and have really supporting online tutoring through the pandemic. Link

  • Want someone to do the thinking you about potentially profitable opportunities? Link


🛠️ Low-Code Tools

  • Legal templates. Link

  • BuyMeACoffe just introduced Bio-Link. Link

  • Creating landing pages with Landream. Link

  • Buy and renew all of your SaaS for you — getting you the best price, quickly, and with zero headaches. Link

  • Struggling to name your business, check out this cool AI naming tool. Link

  • SaaS pricng calculator to help you find the best pricing model. Link

  • Budibase - Allows users to design and build Saas applications and internal tools. It's a mix of Airtable, Webflow, and Zapier. Link

  • Mobile app builder for markerters. Link

  • Build voice chat apps. Link