218 🧰 - My Investors want 70% of my startup, Turn natural language into code, Google cutting pay for remote workers and more

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💡Good to Know

  • Generate unique SVG design assets. Link

  • My Investors want 70% of my startup (interesting discussion). Link

  • If you’re looking for alternative funding to VC as a bootstrapper, TinySeed could be an option. Link

  • TikTok overtakes Facebook as the world's most downloaded app. Link

  • There are 296 startups participating in Y Combinator’s 2021 summer cohort, and 11 of them are African startups (thanks Annette). Link

  • Some Google employees could face a pay cut of up to 25% if they work from home permanently. Link


🛠️ Low-Code Tools

  • Turn ordinary spreadsheets into extraordinary content. Link

  • Turn natural language into code. Link

  • Get real-time translations in any language you want. Link

  • Checkout this recommended low-code development platform for devs to build and host APIs and integrations. It abstracts most of the traditional coding for visual development. Link