219 🧰 - OnlyFans to become Only Twitch as it seeks funding at a $1B valuation, Create your own Clubhouse, AirTable more Enterprise than Consumer and more

Photo Credit: @Hebru Brantley


💡Good to Know

  • According to the Verge (Bloomberg first broke the news), OnlyFans, the video-sharing site, will prohibit sexually explicit content in order to attract investors. The change is due to come into effect on October 1st. Now the company has pivoted to safe-for-work material from OnlyFans creators on a new app on iOS and Android called OFTV. Link

  • Google announced product and policy moves around child safety, controlling what ads they can be shown and creating mechanisms to block abusive behaviour. Link

  • In the UK, cars are back on the roads. Link

  • Great analysis of how AirTable which started life marketing itself to consumers as a well-designed place to smartly organize hiking trips and plan grocery shops is has expanded its enterprise sales, support, and services teams from a handful of people to more than 50. Questions still remain about Airtable’s upmarket move and how well their relatively underdetermined positioning—as a no/low-code software builder tool—can be sold into the enterprise. Link

  • Nigeria's economy may be struggling, but its fintech groups have attracted more than $1bn in venture capital in the past two years. As the coronavirus pandemic hit tech fundraising, Nigerian companies raised $307m in venture funding, a fifth of Africa’s total, according to Partech. Lagos is now Africa’s hottest start-up scene. Much of the investment has gone to companies that provide network or payments services, such as Paystack which was acquired by Stripe for $200m last October. Link


🛠️ Low-Code Tools

  • Free alternative to FullStory from Microsoft. Link

  • Ever had to restart the Equity distribution conversation with a co-founder who's significantly reduced their value to the project? Link

  • (Create your own Clubhouse) Clubhouse-like Audio Rooms as a Service. Link