223 🧰 - Kwanda launched a £20K fund for small black businesses, App for testing designs and Figma prototypes & App calculator to drop onto websites

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Photo Credit: @Adeyemi Adegbesan


💡Good to Know

  • Benedict Evans wrote about what 10 years of Apple’s leadership under Tim Cook looks like. Link

  • Google explaining the YouTube recommendation system works. Link

  • Mailchimp has been bootstrapped by the two founders ever since 2001, and now it’s sold for $12bn to Intuit. Link

  • Kwanda has launched a £20,000 grant fund for Black-owned small businesses in the UK. Link


🛠️ Low-Code Tools

  • Open-source alternative to Discord. Link

  • No Code encryption tool. Link

  • Logo generator. Link

  • Free app for testing designs and Figma prototypes. Link

  • App calculator to drop onto websites. Link