231 🧰 - My employer wants 20% of my startup, is it too much?

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Photo Credit: @yeskis4king

đź’ˇGood to Know

  • Airbnb launches a cool feature to help hosts verify their Wifi speed. Link

  • Great discussion about an employee building a startup whilst employed and the employer wanting a cut. The most interesting thing is that this employer has a “spinout” policy, so they are supportive of it as long as they get a cut. Link

  • Investors value Formstack, a no code builder at, at least a few multiples of $425M. Link

  • Startups at Second Home Clerkenwell Green (typeform.com)

  • Nigeria’s Flutterwave acquired - Disha the website builder. Link


🛠️ Low-Code Tools

  • Startup valuation tool based on your Stripe metrics from MicroAcquire. Link