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Minimising loss due to errors and mistakes
How do you continue to get stuff done as more and more work comes in?
Automations, Decisiveness in email campaigns, Working with freelance developers
Automations that run in the background quicker than any human can
Without distribution and growth, your startup is dying a slow death
0 to 1, growth loops, retention and how to convert more from your website
Photo Credit: @akindelejohnn 💡Driving growth How Glenn Loury grew a community of 20% paying subscribers through consistency and a clear scope. Link…
Why I paused the newsletter, Tips for non-technical business founders, Driving growth and more
The last post of the year, see you in 2022 👋 If you’ve enjoyed getting these weekly issues this year, please share this with at least 1 person. Word of…
This year has been super eventful, I spent a lot of it doubling down in the No Code space particularly with Bubble the visual development tool and I’m…
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